Acanthus Blue Hotel

Selling Price
3,995,000 Euro

The Acanthus Blue Hotel offers a unique experience, combining comfort with a rich heritage in its meticulously restored 1700s Neoclassic building. This boutique hotel embodies luxury and personal touch, creating an environment where guests can immerse themselves in an eclectic Neoclassic design. Each room, perfect for hosting two guests, is a testament to style meeting comfort, with a soothing color palette and natural light ensuring a serene start to the day.

In each room, the decor and locally sourced furniture pay homage to the hotel’s neoclassic heritage, striking a balance between elegance and simplicity. The tranquil shades of aquamarine blues, earthy taupes, and royal mustard yellows create a calm and stylish atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Acanthus Blue Hotel is dedicated to providing a seamless and memorable stay for its guests. The hotel offers a range of modern amenities, including free WiFi, 24-hour reception, concierge services, and more, all within the charming ambiance of this historic establishment. Whether it’s the allure of its heritage or the promise of a peaceful retreat, Acanthus Blue Hotel is an ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable experience. 

gourmet seafood restaurant
  • Eight elegant suites, complemented by a luxurious penthouse for the onsite owner or manager.
  • Proudly the top-rated boutique hotel in Corfu.
  • Conveniently located within a comfortable walking distance to Corfu’s historic old town.
  • Potential for expansion with an additional 120m² space, allowing for four more guest rooms.
  • Heritage site.
  • Newly opened, a 30-seat gourmet seafood restaurant offering an exquisite dining experience.

Bedroom 1

Deluxe Double Alley View
23 sq.m.

Bedroom 2

Superior Double Garden View #1
19 sq.m.

Bedroom 3

Superior Double Garden View #2
19 sq.m.

Bedroom 4

Deluxe Double Garden View #1
21 sq.m.

Bedroom 5

Deluxe Double Side Sea View
25 sq.m.

Bedroom 6

Deluxe Double Sea View Balcony​
21 sq.m.

Bedroom 7

Deluxe Double Sea View
23 sq.m.

Bedroom 8

Deluxe Double Garden View #2
21 sq.m.


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