In addition to thought leadership, Toni is a charismatic property expert and coach on residential, commercial and development real estate. With decades of experience and a depth of intellectual capital that spans over two generations through his family’s property business, Toni is a skilled motivator and coach, training the next generation of tech-savvy, visionary property leaders to not only innovate but to explode through boundaries and strive for unlimited possibilities.


Toni’s infectious passion for life permeates through his motivational speaking and coaching.

Helping others strive for their pinnacle drives his desire to share his knowledge and skills.

In Toni’s words: “Never, ever give up. No matter the battles you’ve been through – you can learn from them, grow and achieve what you thought was impossible”. These words have helped Toni get through his toughest times both personally and in business.

Toni is available for motivational speaking, presentations or as a coach.



Toni has trained scores of realtors who have gone on to enjoy hugely successful careers in the property sector. These are next generation, tech-savvy, visionary new property consultants pushing boundaries and disrupting convention in real estate sales and investments. Are you next? Toni offers innovative and highly skilled group and individual coaching, including webinars.


Toni offers the following specialised services, drawn from his extra-ordinary depth of intellectual capital, to help you secure the best possible outcome:

  • Professional insight and advice on general and specific property investment, locally or globally
  • Investment portfolio diversification: where to invest for the best possible return
  • Purchasing or sales: personalised insight and advice on the best possible route to ensure maximum success.